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Planning Conservatory Vertical Blinds

Windows and doors

Avoid inward opening windows and doors.


Try and avoid step/s between the conservatory and main house.


Consider having air conditioning that blows hot and cold; this will avoid both central heating radiators and also roof blinds to stop the excessive heat from the roof panels. This is also a very cost-effective option, so should be seriously considered.

Conservatory Blinds

Choice of blind for decoration and privacy. Windows can be dressed with:

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds

Benefits of the Vertical Blind

By far the most popular is the vertical blind concept; the uniform strips of fabric will compliment the long expanses of window, which are usually a feature of a conservatory. Vertical blinds are ideally suited to conservatories as they cope so well with the large drop that conservatory windows have, compared with household windows. They also provide excellent covering and privacy if fitted to doorways.

Conservatories are often positioned so that one side borders with the neighbouring fence or wall, or looks out onto an unpleasant view, such as refuse bins; the benefit of the vertical blind is that it can be kept closed along any portion of the room, to conceal any undesired view.

The vertical blind easily and conveniently gives complete privacy by simply pulling the cord to close the slats. This makes the conservatory a flexible living space, enabling it to be used for a variety of purposes, including as a bedroom.

When the vertical blind is fully opened, the slats are positioned to give a clear view of the window, whilst concealing internal fittings such as UPVC or wooden uprights, therefore allowing maximum light into the room. Alternatively they can be positioned at an angle, making it possible to see out of the windows, whilst blocking bright sunlight, or whilst also providing privacy.


Additional slats are easily available, so if slats in the blind are damaged they can be replaced. All slats can be replaced for a complete make over of the conservatory at a very reasonable cost; for example, a conservatory measuring 2.5 metres square by 2.5 metres square will cost approximately £100. Alternatively most slats can be hand washed and some can be machine washed; it is advisable to try washing one slat to see the effect each method would have on it, then make a choice.

Measuring and fitting

The vertical blind is hung from 100mm face fix brackets, which are positioned directly under the facia that runs around the top of the conservatory. This enables the slats to operate without touching the window handles.

In order to correctly measure a conservatory for blinds, measure from directly under the facia to the sill, and to the floor at doorways to measure the drop. Take the measurement from the back of the windowsills to give the widths and between the sills in doorways. If the blinds meet in a right-angled corner then it is necessary to reduce the measurement of one of the blinds by 100mm.

Design Options

The head rail and brackets are available in white or dark brown. The pull-cord control is available as a cord, a chain or a wand, although the wand control cannot be used on a split draw.

The controls for vertical blinds can be left or right hand operation and the slats can stack back to the left or right, or part in the middle like curtains. They can also rest in the middle, which would be appropriate for inward opening windows.

The vertical blind slatting is available in opaque material for maximum protection and also with winter insulation and solar reflection.

Translucent, light filtering material is the most popular choice as it controls solar heat and glare and also provides privacy at the most economical cost.

Opaque PVC slatting is also available; this design is solid so no chains are required on the bottom of the slats; it is easy to wipe clean, so is ideal if you have problems with pets. It also provides maximum privacy, sun protection and winter insulation.


All questions can be emailed to: mail@blindcorner.co.uk

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