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It really is simple. Within 5 minutes you can have a competitive price on some unique vertical blinds and have free samples on their way within the UK. No strings!

Once you receive your free vertical blind sample and confirmation of your quoted price the rest is up to you. To receive your blinds all you have to do to is confirm your order:

We use an overnight carrier to deliver our blinds within the UK.

We are manufacturers of vertical blinds to the trade and domestic market. Including the vertical blinds market we also supply other blinds to compliment those that we feature in our website.
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Planning a Conservatory? Read why vertical blinds provide the best option for your conservatory windows and doors.
We have been trading in the vertical window blinds arena for over thirty-five years in the UK specialising in conservatory vertical blinds which enhance the customers existing vertical window blinds. Due to the popularity we are increasing the range of fabrics available to the conservatory vertical window blinds customers and vertical window blinds market in general. We are proud of our customer relations and adhere to the old adage the customer is always right. Free advice always available.

Window Blinds

Our quick and simple method of choosing blinds has been designed to help customers to choose what they want quickly from our selection of specialty blinds. As within approximately five minutes, customers can get a quote and have a free sample of vertical blinds sent out anywhere in the UK. The next step is to decide whether you are happy with the blinds and the price, and if so confirm your order. We manufacture a range of blinds for our trade and domestic markets, some of which are featured on the website and others made bespoke. With over thirty-five years experience in the window blinds industry we have built up a decent reputation and as a result of our popularity we have had to increase the fabrics available for conservatory and other blinds in general. We are customer focused and are always here to give free advice whenever it is asked for. As our blinds are all custom made to customers specifications, the right fit is always guaranteed which can be enjoyed at affordable prices. To calculate a quote, simply go to the price calculator section of the website and enter the width and drop in range of the vertical blinds you want in either inches or centimetres. Next you choose where the control mechanism is to be placed and how you want the blinds to be arranged when not drawn. Finally you choose the colour and fabric and a sample can then be sent out.

Vertical Blinds

When it comes to deciding the style and design of blinds on our website, you will be presented with over one hundred fabrics to choose from in a choice of eight colours. Prices are given for sizes within a specific price range buy upon request a quote can be given for larger window blinds. There are four draw options available as well as fixing brackets and two sizes of face fix. Slats are sewn together on the top and bottom and not glued as with other blinds. The bottom weight of the blinds is covered with fabric and there is a choice of white and dark brown head rails with matching brackets. To complete the installation with ease we also supply all the necessary screws and raw plugs. Vertical blinds are perfect for the home and office, as they are easy to fit, simple to remove and easy to clean, especially with our range of washable materials. Plus, our fabrics and colours are extensive to ensure customers can find something suitable to complement their home. Often disregarded as being a pivotal part of a room’s décor, having the right set of window blinds can make a huge difference to the overall ambience, especially at night when the blinds are drawn. So make sure to spend time choosing your design, fabric and colour. In any event we will send out a sample upon request so you can see for yourself what it will look like before making a purchase.

Conservatory Blinds

Ideally when choosing blinds for a conservatory you want a combination of decor and privacy, and in this regard vertical, roller, roman, pleated and venetian blinds are all acceptable. If it comes down to a popularity contest then vertical blinds win hands down, as long expansive windows are well complimented by even strips of fabric. They also suit the large drop of conservatory windows and provide excellent covering and privacy. If a conservatory is being built with certain sections looking out towards an undesired view, these blinds are perfect for being kept closed along particular portions of the window. Whatever you have planned for a conservatory, you can have window blinds positioned so that when they are fully opened they provide a clear view whilst also concealing internal fittings. Fitting them at an angle is another option, the benefit of which is that you can see out of the window whilst blocking strong and bright sunlight and affording a sense of privacy. In terms of the design, brackets and the head rail come in white or dark brown and the pull cord can be made from a simple cord, chain or wand. For inward opening windows the most appropriate design is that the window blinds rest in the middle, but for other windows they can be stacked to the left of the right. The slating itself can be made from an opaque material offering insulation during winter and solar reflection on hot days, and overall there is plenty of choice.

Measuring for Blinds

When the time comes for fitting blinds, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want them to be placed inside or outside the window recess, as this affects the size of the finished blinds. If you want to have them placed inside the window recess then you need to make three measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch for the width: the left, middle and the right of the window opening and use the shortest measurement taken of your window blinds as the width measurement. For the height measurements you will need the top, middle and bottom measurements of the window opening, again to the nearest eighth of an inch and again the shortest measurement should be recorded as the height measurement. When complete make sure to have the width measurement first so that it reads width by height, as this is the accepted method of recording. The term inside mount vertical blinds refer to those that are fitted inside the window opening. So if you have windows that are flush with the wall then an outside mount will be required. To make these recordings it is preferable to have a steel tape measure to enable you to measure without having to stretch across the opening of the window with two hands. Having a step ladder to hand is also useful if the top of the window you are measuring for window blinds is too high to reach by standing on the floor.

Technical Terms

Although not a particularly technical subject, there are certain terms and jargon used when discussing blinds whose meaning may not be immediately apparent to the average consumer. Therefore we have listed all the important terms in a glossary section for ease of reference. For example you may have an idea what a bobble chain is, but may not have realised that it is a cord used at the bottom of vertical blinds joining the slats together via the bottom weights. Anyone wanting an effect similar to cinema curtains would clearly like to know the term used to describe blinds similar to these, and we can inform you that it is known as a festoon blind, which has a ruched effect along the length of the window. Or perhaps you have heard the term roman blind but never had a clear picture in your mind what it looked like. In fact these are window blinds made from a soft fabric and hangs as one flat piece when it’s closed and folds upwards when being opened in a concertina effect, so that a portion of fabric is visible at the top. It may be a good idea to check out all the glossary of terms so that you are better placed to make an informed decision, and so that you can build up a picture of what to expect in terms of installation and what from the range of window blinds will look good in the room where they will be fitted.

Window Decoration

In terms of interior design there are many individual elements to consider that when properly applied result in a complete finish. It is useful to have a design concept in mind in regards a particular room of the home that is to be decorated and then you can select the specific parts to make it work. Generally window blinds are fitted in rooms that do not suit having curtains but that require a sense of privacy. Offices tend to have blinds as standard and if you have an office room in the home then having wide louvres made of a light fabric will add a touch of professionalism to the room. If you are not so concerned with privacy, for example if you have a window in the kitchen that simply looks on to a private garden, then having vertical blinds may not be ideal. Instead consider a bamboo shade that has a similar effect to net fabric. Made from a natural wood, it can be adapted to a roller or roman blind style and has a lovely appearance, although offers almost no privacy when lights are on. Every room in a house tends to have its own style and colour theme, and we are confident you can find something from our range of window blinds, fabrics and colours to suit all rooms. If after perusing our website you still have some queries outstanding, then get in touch with one of our staff, who will be happy to help.


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